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Speakers – Islamic Medicine Conference


Meet Our Professional Speakers!

Dr. Mohamed Djoudi

Abdulrahman E. Koshak

Abdulrahman Koshak A doctoral student at the School of Pharmacy, University College London will present to us his PhD research work on the medicinal p [...]

Dr. Iqbal Saeed Mohammed

We are very proud to welcome Dr. Iqbal Saeed Mohammed as a speaker. Dr. Iqbal Saeed Mohammed integrative health care and hijama is the founder of syst [...]

Dr. Amir Saleh

Dr. Amir Saleh is an internationally acclaimed professor, researcher and a widely respected speaker on Islamic Medicine, Physical Therapy and Compleme [...]

Ayesha aslam

We are delighted to present guest speaker Ayesha Aslam from SAKOON for a talk on Islamic counselling. This talk will outline counselling models and th [...]

Dr. Rashid Malik

We are delighted to present guest speaker Dr. Rashid Malik. He will be teaching us "Spinal disc degeneration in the lumbosacral region treatment by lu [...]

Najat Haddouch

founder and manager director of a Islamic Medicine Clinics

"Healing unexplained infertility with Islamic medicine" Najat Haddouch is a medical professional, founder and manager director of a Islamic Medicin [...]


Specialty: Honey &Hijama

" Bio: Dr. Munir Ravalia has been practicing cupping for over 8 years in private clinics throughout the UK. He has trained many medical doctors in [...]

DR. Shaikh Tauqir


We are very proud to have Shaikh Tauqir as a speaker. Shaikh Tauqir (MSc MICE CEng) is an international speaker, lecturer and author in a variety of I [...]

Hakeem Majid Rana

"The art of superficial cuts" Hakeem Majid Rana has gained recognition for his contributions in the field of naturopathic medicine. Over the cours [...]


Practitioner of Modern Leech Therapy and Hirudopractice

" How to fight ilnesses with Hirudo therapy with live demonstration" We are delighted to welcome Aleksandra Bogatriova. She is a safe Practitioner [...]


Specialty: Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Website:www.ninabarbora.info As the Non-Executive Director of the British Association of Hirudotherapy, which currently unites members from 25 countr [...]

Dr. Shafaqat Khan

"Healing Habits for longevity based on Sunnah" We are delighted to have Dr. Khan as a speaker. He will teach you simple health habits which can eas [...]

Charles Burnett

"History of Islamic medicine and The Contribution of North African Doctors of the 10th and 11th Centuries to the Development of European Medicine" Ch [...]

Dr. Mohamed Wahdan

We are very proud to have Dr. Mohamed Wahdan as a speaker. Although he needs very little introduction as he is known. Bio: - Chairman of the Boa [...]

Rashid Messoudi

TITLE: Islam, Health and Our Modern Nutrition. SUMMARY Chronic, degenerative diseases, called diseases of civilization, are alarmingly widesprea [...]

Dr. Tamer Shaban

Dr. Tamer Shaban "The Role of cupping therapy as a complementary therapy on pulmonary functions and quality of life of asthmatic children" Dr. T [...]

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